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Counter Terrorists play the role of prison guards while Terrorists play the role of prisoners.

At the beginning of every round a player takes warden to call days and make prisoners fight to the death, race or compete in any way until one prisoner is left alive. As a warden it is your duty and responsibility to call fun days using the map and cage activities menu while keeping the prisoners in control and avoiding being overrun by them.

The Prisoners can choose to follow the commands of the day and compete against fellow inmates or rebel and try to take out the guards. Prisoner's rebelling, rebel on their own risk of being killed by a Guard. The last prisoner remaining gets to play last request games of their choosing against the guards.

WardenThe guard in charge of the day. Responsible for moving the day forward.
Supporting GuardNon-warden Guards tasked with helping the warden and enforcing the commands. These guards are not allowed to stray away on the map without reason and should always be helping the warden enforce commands.
Warning ShotShooting a prisoner as a warning for not following commands. This prisoner is not eligible for a heal from a guard unless a guard allows it.
AFK CheckGiving an AFK prisoner a five seconds warning to follow the warden's commands before killing them. This is only required before the timer hits 7:30. AFK prisoners beyond that point are treated like rebellers. ONLY Wardens can AFK Check, unless they grant the other CT's permission to do so during their day. After 7:50, If a CT chooses to, they are also allowed to simply state "All T's, AFK check 5,4,3,2,1,0." and kill any AFK prisoners. Be advised that Fake AFKing is against the integrity of the game and if abused can lead to further punishment such as slays. This is not to be confused with hiding inside the cell area.
Freeshoot/FreenadeUnjustly damaging a prisoner. The CT involved must fully heal the prisoner in this situation.
FreekillThe unjust death of a prisoner. A guard is required to award that prisoner a free day the next day.
Mass Free killingA premeditated, intentional, and or random killing of prisoners in mass numbers of 3 or more.
Team KillingKilling members of one's own team or gun planting them resulting in their death. Team killing is restricted to three per day for prisoners, and prohibited for prisoners with a freeday during regular days. Team killing is completely allowed on freedays, events, cage activities and against rebelling teammates. Killing more than three teammates during a regular day will result in a slay at the beginning of the following day.
Knifing RangeA guard within knifing distance of a prisoner or an open area containing the prisoners [for the current command/activity] is considered taunting. Valid until the guard is no longer within knifing distance.
TauntingRenders all warden commands void. The prisoners can not be penalized for killing a taunting guard.
*   Taunting does not apply to prisoners.
*   Prisoners being taunted within knifing range of a CT are always permitted to attack the guard involved. Prisoners attempting to knife a guard are NOT considered rebelling unless deliberately disobeying a specific command. Actual damage has to be made for a guard to act in self defense.
*   Guards are considered automatically taunting if they are in the pathway or position that enables a T to pass through such as cell hallways (before 7:30) or in between the T's and their new destination.
*   Guards are considered taunting if they enter a prisoner's cell before 7:30. This taunting rule only applies to those inside the cell that the CT is entering, and not to those around that merely witness them entering the cells.
*   Taunting rules do not stay in effect during freedays and last requests.
RebellingA prisoner is considered rebelling in the following cases:
*   Not following commands.
*   Attacking a guard without justification.
*   Buying an auto rebel store item. (Marked red in the store menu)
*   Aiming a gun at a guard/shooting a gun. If a prisoner is gun planted or picks up a gun,intentionally or unintentionally,they must be asked to drop the weapon. If they do not comply,you are allowed to kill them. T's are considered automatically rebelling if they shoot a gun off in any direction, excluding days where they are given permission to wield guns.
Strict DayThe prisoners take one step out of their cell while facing it and must remain frozen. Strict days may not be called back to back.
Free DayGuards may not call any commands during the day. Ghosting is allowed. The prisoners can roam freely or choose to kill the CT's during this day.
*   Unrestricted: No restrictions except for gun room and vents.
*   Restricted: Guns are restricted. Guards are also able to restrict a total of two specific locations. Cells and Hallways can not be restricted.
*   Ratio: Called in the event the guard-to-prisoner ratio is off. Guards must transfer to the prisoner's team when they die until the ratio is balanced.
*   0:00: When the timer reaches 0:00 the day becomes an unrestricted freeday. Gun room and vents are still restricted.
"All T's Freeze"These are the commands you will hear the most during your time here.
When a warden states "All T's Freeze" you must stop all movement, however you are allowed to look around using your mouse.
GhostingA dead player revealing another player's position on the map, health level, weapon, etc. Ghosting is only allowed during Freedays, Special Days and Last Request. EXCEPTION: Ghosting is not allowed for The Thing special day. Unfair ghosting can result in a 1-5 minute gag.
SnitchAn alive prisoner volunteering to reveal or track down fellow prisoners. Usually to gain some sort of reward. e.g Last request.
GunPlantingDeliberately giving a prisoner a weapon. This is not allowed. EXCEPTION: Events and cage activities that require it.
Delaying/DetouringNot actively doing a command in the simplest/fastest manner while following any associated commands. If a CT calls "no delays or detours" during a day it is expected that you do the command using the most direct/straightforward path given.
VentAny crawlspace that has an entrance, and an exit. Not holes in the wall. Camping vents is prohibited. Be it in special days, regular days or otherwise.
Singular Command A single command formed with up to 3 specifications.(ex: crouching[1] following me[2] without jumping/slashing/stabbing[3]
Stacked CommandSeveral singular commands.
Cage CommandAny command that refers to the cage. "Go to the Cage", "Back wall of the cage"..etc is always inside the cage unless stated otherwise.
Event CommandEvent commands stay in effect for the entire event unless specified otherwise by the warden. New commands do not override it unless specified by the warden.
Day CommandThis command will stay in effect for the remainder of the day, or until it is ended by the warden. [Example: You can go anywhere throughout the day but you must be crouching and slashing your knife].
Direct Command"ALL T'S FREEZE" is the only direct command that can be called. Direct commands render all previous commands void. Direct commands do not require a count down.
Standard CommandRequire a countdown of at least 5 seconds. 5 4 3 2 1 0. The prisoners may be killed if they do not attempt to follow the command during the count down. No more than two stacked commands may be called on a standard command.
Map SabotageCT's are not allowed to "sabotage" the map anytime during the day by hiding/disposing of any guns or items the mapmaker intended to be placed throughout the map itself. This also includes the guns inside the gunroom.
Starting CommandThe first command called by the warden. Starting command does not require a count down and can not contain stacked commands. Since no countdown is required, prisoners are given till the next command is called to complete the first command("no delays", "no detours", "stay inside" can be called to further specify the first command. A new command may be issued after the cells are opened.
ScriptA bind set up IN GAME to allow usage of multiple in game commands (e.g Buying a deagle with full ammo pressing just one key).
MacroA bind using an application to imitate keys. Holding a single key that executes preset instructions. (e.g Using a razer mouse along with razer synapse macros to bind a key to imitate g strafing or bunny hopping).
HackAny assistance given to the player outside the game, usually in the form of an executable.
Special DaysSpecial days are mini-game like rounds. All players must attempt to carry out the objective of the special day. Camping trampoline or camping any other area is considered delaying.

  • Guards are required to have a microphone. Microphones must be used and have clear, audible quality.
  • The prisoner to guard ratio must not exceed 2:1. Otherwise it is a ratio free day.
  • The first day of a new map is always an unrestricted free day. Guards are not allowed to intentionally kill themselves to bypass this day.
  • Supporting guards must be assisting the warden at all times. This means guards may not wonder off, speak over the warden, or give conflicting commands.
  • When the warden dies, or disconnects all his commands are void. The new warden must issue their own commands and take over the day before transferring warden again for any reason.
  • New commands override old commands. EXCEPTION: Stacked standard commands, Event Commands and Day Commands.
  • Starting command must be called and the cell doors must be opened by a guard by [8:00]. Otherwise, it becomes an unrestricted free day.
  • If the cell doors are opened by a prisoner, the day becomes an unrestricted free day. Even if the warden has already issued a command.
  • Punishment, cell lock down and any days forcing prisoners to stay in the cells are prohibited.
  • If a command is called and a prisoner did not follow the commands but has already made it to the designated area, the prisoner cannot be killed.
  • Prisoners outside the cells before the cell doors are opened are considered rebelling.
  • Collateral damage is never in effect. If a prisoners is inadvertently killed, it is still a free kill and must be be awarded a free day.
  • Prisoners with a free day can be killed if they interfere with the current day. This includes blocking or standing in front of or behind CT's impairing movement and/or vision.
  • If one or two prisoners have been "free killed" the next day has to be a cage day and the one or two players must be given a free day.
  • In the event of a mass free kill [3 or more victims], guards are required to call an unrestricted free day the following day.
  • No harassment of players. We understand you have a freedom of speech but please keep in mind people don't want to be harassed or to be uncomfortable.
  • No Use of offensive name or impersonating staff/players including alternate spellings.
  • Abnormal speed is forbidden whether it is gained by g-strafing, double ducking, b hopping, using high FPS to your advantage or any other key commands. This does not include the normal bhop speed.
  • Macros and hacks alike are not allowed. Using scripts is up to admins discretion. Players should moderately strafe and avoid abuse of such commands (e.g During LR or running away from the guards).

  • Guards are not permitted to forgive rebellers or to permit them to rejoin the group. EXCEPTION: General Rules:10
  • Guards are not permitted to assume a prisoner picked up a gun or killed another guard through sound or any other means. Visual proof is required.
  • Guards are not permitted to wall prisoners that they cannot see. EXCEPTION: 1. Events and cage activities that require it. 2. Hide and seek. 3. Last request.
  • Guards are not permitted to break vents from inside, or outside for any reason unless the prisoner being shot was inside the vent. This means CTs must be able to see the Prisoner(s) inside the vent to open it and kill the prisoners. A guard may only enter, and exit through open vents.
  • Guards are not permitted to camp the gun room.
  • Guards are not permitted to use tasers on freedays.
  • Guards are not permitted to attack prisoners for using grenades unless grenades have been restricted which can only be done for events, not the whole day.
  • The reactions game and trivia can not be called more than once per day if the goal is to eliminate prisoners. EXCEPTION: Team balancing for activities such as soccer/team events/etc. No more than two prisoners may be killed.
  • Gun rooms and vents are always restricted to prisoners. Prisoners in the gunroom or vent may be killed. That remains the case until they leave the area.
  • A command prohibiting cheating also restricts shop items.
  • Favoritism is not permitted. This includes days in which favoritism can take place. E.g: Joke days, king days ..etc where only one person decides the outcome of who wins and who loses.This also applies to random selection where the person randomly selected decides the fate of other prisoners. EXCEPTION: 1. More than one person voting and deciding the outcome. 2. Players that consent to a CT's day/event/activity, as long as it is balanced and fair to all
  • Reactions: When the warden calls "First Reaction," the first prisoner to perform the specific action will be killed. The opposite applies to "Last Reaction."
  • Red Light, Green Light: The warden may not say anything that rhymes with any of the light commands.
  • Cage activities must be at equal advantage to everyone. Includes: Announcement of event, fair hp (if utilized), fair equipment/armory. If a rebelling Terrorist is affected directly such as during "ticking time bomb" or "knife duel" where they are unfairly located or disposed of, it is considered a Freekill. A CT should always turn off the activity before the affected rebelling Terrorist is killed unfairly or targeted in any way.

  • There are three types of rules for Last Request events.
  • Standard Rules: Use only the weapons provided by the last request. Not including the knife, unless it's a knife fight. No running away from the fight.
  • No Rules: No rules means no rules. Use at your own risk.
  • Custom Rules: the prisoner defines his or her own rules.
  • Last request overrides all previous actions and voids any prior commands.
  • Prisoners have 15 seconds to select a last request or they can be killed.
  • Prisoners have 30 seconds to explain their rules.
  • All rules must be fair and equal. Otherwise, the guard reserves the right to deny the rules.
  • If the prisoner commences the last request without stating any type of rule, it is automatically considered standard rules.
  • All 35HP last requests are automatically standard rules.

  • To start Simon Says, the warden must state: "Simon says I'm Simon".
  • To end Simon Says, Simon must state, "Simon says Simon Says is now over".
  • Non-Simon supporting guards are not permitted to give commands to confuse the prisoners during Simon Says.
  • In order to pass Simon Says to another guard, Simon must state: "Simon Says [name of guard] is Simon".
  • Simon may only call singular commands.
  • Even if Simon Says has not been started, the commander saying "Simon says jump and keep jumping" is still a valid command. The fact that no one is Simon does not exclude the fact that prisoners were still commanded to jump.
  • Do NOT kill people for following a command that Simon did not say if prisoners have not broken the current Simon Says command. For example: If a guard becomes Simon, and then says "Line up in the middle of the cage" without saying 'Simon says', no one should be killed, regardless if they lined up or not. No Simon Says command has yet been made to contain prisoners in a fixed location or maintain a current activity, so the prisoners are free to move about the area of confinement until Simon issues such a command.